Best Google Tools for Business

Over the past 6+ years I have tried several online tools or apps to help me run my business. Below are the ones I use now and how I use them, I hope you find this useful.

Google Drive and Apps: I use the “MS Office” of Google to create spreadsheets, documents, presentations, etc. I use Google calendar of course.

I create a folder in Google Drive or every property I rehab, I save here the “Deal Analyzer” and “Rehab estimate” for each house. I create a subfolder where my VA uploads all receipts of everything purchased for a project, this allows full transparency with JV partners as I share this sub-folder with them and helps with records. I create a sub-folder where I put all the buying documents (offer, inspections, reports, closing package, etc.) I create a subfolder with all the selling docs (offers, reports, inspections, closing package, etc.) Having the buying documents handy helps during the sale process, having all organized helps during tax season. I also create a one page recap for each property for future use: listing and buying agents, type of appliances and cabinets used, paint colors, etc.

Google Plus: I create a picture album for each property, this helps me to have all the pics organized (before, during and after) and allows me to share the albums with my VA that puts together recaps of each project that I email to realtors and my extended team, as well as to oDesk consultants that create movies for YouTube out of my pics. By the way, with autosynk, pictures you take on your phone or iPad get uploaded so you can use them from your laptop or desk computer.

Google Hangout: use it to text my VA, who is in South America, my call center girl, in Jamaica, as well as to have conference video calls, share my screen, etc. with them, Realtors, JV partners, etc.

If you work by yourself I think Google Tasks work great, however I really-really like Todoist. Its a powerful task tool that allows you to create “Projects”, assign tasks, attach documents to the tasks and comment or update back and forth between yourself and the person you assigned the task to. You have no idea how much my VA and I use this, incredible efficient tool to be on top of what needs to be done.


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