Rehab Task List

Rehabbing process task list

True every project is different but in a way many things are get repeated from project to project to project. A while back I put together a task list to make sure I did not forget any, yes I have forgotten to connect utilities prior to demo or have forgotten to cancel the insurance after selling the house..

The list below can be fine tune to your needs per project, not all tasks are needed and some unusual ones are not in the list (get soil study or structural calculations). You may want to change the order of few items but overall I have find it useful, I hope you do too.


Drive by and photograph

Online comp or full appraisal?

Ph Tax Assessor to research home facts

Ph Building Dept. to get permit history

Deal analyzer

Secure funding

Order appraisal if needed

Walk through with Realtor and Contractor

Rehab estimate

Take measurements (windows, doors, floors, tile)

Calculate expenses and profit

Sign Home Improvement Agreement with Contractor and other legal docs

Order Home Inspection

Order Pest Inspection

Review Home and Pest inspections

Share home and pest inspection with contractor

Complete material purchase spreadsheet

Measure and design kitchen

Architect drawing for building permit

Wire Earnest Deposit Money

Get Insurance

Order utilities

Order dumpster

Order porta putty

Review preliminary Title report

Send easements and encroachments documents to attorney

Sign all docs

Get copy of Grant Deed from Title

Review SOW for the building permit with contractor

Wire funds


Close of Escrow

**Rehab project

Order windows

Order Sewer Lateral inspection

Order any other custom item (doors, shower door, etc.)

Order first material delivery

Obtain building permit

Day One

Check porta putty is in place

Check dumpster is in place

Change locks

Set combo lock with standard combination and new entry door key in it

Place permit inside window facing the street

Introduce to immediate neighbors

Place Wow Homes banner in front yard

Take pictures

Next days

Order roof materials

Order garage door measurements

Finish kitchen design and place order


Structural repairs

Repair rod wood

Electric work

Plumbing work

Roof work

Exterior paint

Order sod, top soil mulch


Order “coming soon sign”

Tile work

Prep for interior painting

Interior painting

Install garage door

Finish bathrooms

Baseboard, doors and crown molding

Order carpet measurements

Install floors

Order appliances

Install kitchen cabinets

Install back splash

Install appliances

Call for port potty pick up

Schedule staging

Schedule carpet installation

Get last inspection by City/County

Request pest clearance

Clean up and preparation

Check granite

Check alignment of kitchen cabinet doors

Check texture and paint

Make sure all locks move easy

Check windows and drawers

Check all light switches

Check all faucets

Check overall for dust

Pick up debris

Clean yards

Check sprinklers

Turn gas on

Turn water heater and furnace on

Leave all keys in kitchen drawer

Leave 2 keys for entry door in combo lock


Hire photographer through Realtor

Request post rehab Home Inspection

Listing preparation (pictures, social media and MLS verbiage)

Upload permits and clearances on MLS

Conduct selected repairs/upgrades mentioned on Home Inspection

Provide Home Inspection report with notes to Realtor

Advertise Open House on CL and social media again

**Selling Process

Open House

Review offers

Check buyers loan situation

Select buyer

Counter with preferred lender and per-diem fee

Complete and sing disclosures

Conduct repairs requested by buyer (if any)

Schedule staging pick up

Sign selling documents

Cancel utilities

Cancel insurance

Close Of Escrow



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