Get More Offers Accepted

We need to get our offers accepted, period, without offers we have nothing, it’s like having a car with no gas. I will outline here some techniques to get more offers accepted, because, the highest offer is not always the one accepted.

1). Have your Realtor call the listing agent, find out how much activity he/she is having, ask what is important for the seller. A few months ago I got my offer accepted, even though it was $25,000 lower than other, because the sellers have grown in that house, they own it for 56 years. The daughters that inherited the house wanted two weeks to go through stuff to save and wanted to keep some of the house features (lights, a huge mural drawn by them over a 30 year period on the living room wall, a pergola their dad built, etc. I offered to have my crew take everything down carefully and deliver to them.

2). Besides the documents that need to go with the offer itself (POF, letter for POF, disclosures, my LLC docs, etc. my Realtor add a cover sheet taking about my company and myself, my resume, my LinkedIn profile, the LinkedIn profile and an executive summary about my private investor funding that deal, reference letters from other Realtors and sample pics of some of my other deals. The point of this is to make the listing agent believe that we are serious, we know what we are doing and escrow with us will be smooth.

3). I don’t know in other states but in CA a complete offer including disclosures, offer itself, etc., may be 40 to 100 pages. My Realtors separate each section of the offer with a title page, making it easier for the listing agent to review it.

4). If you write a ton of offers you can write them at the price that makes sense to you, it’s a numbers game so if you get one accepted it will be the way you wanted it. If you are not writing a lot of offers or for whatever reason you really want to get an offer accepted, here is a Ninja trick to get your OFFER ACCEPTED: write it at a hight price, go over asking if needed. During the inspection period take pictures of everything wrong with the house, make inspections, as many as you can afford (home, pest, structure, chimney, etc.) On the last day of your inspection period, request an extension (the longer you have the property off market, the worse it will be for seller if it goes back on the market), depending on the situation you can ask for a second extension. Then have your realtor send an addendum reducing your offer price supported by all your findings, well documented. Make sure your Realtor do the addendum in such a way that if the seller does not accept he is forced to disclose it to any potential future buyer (may not work in all states but CA is full disclosure). Sometimes you need to give a bit to have your offer accepted at this point, like adding EDM or close sooner.

Hope this helps!


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